03 January 2010

new blog: launched!

hello friends!
i have switched blogs! please follow me over to my new blog!!

23 December 2009

new blog in the works! :)

(photo of me with one of my roommates, jane)

i hope you are enjoying the winter holidays! i am enjoying the cool weather, sleeping in, lots of hot chocolate with whip cream, finishing books that i start reading, spending time with my family and friends, eating all sorts of holiday goodies, taking long naps....oh and of course doing a little bit of work! freelance workers are never fully off. :) i am working on....(drum roll)......


get excited. hopefully it will be finished before the holidays are over! i will keep you in the loop!
in the meantime, merry christmas and happy new year!

05 December 2009

my adorable family :)

i love my family. they are:
-memory makers

merry christmas from my family and i.... a-texas sends lots of love!

01 December 2009

family photos and giggles

one monday morning i was able to prance around downtown roundrock with this adorable family. our morning was filled with lots of giggles (thanks to their son who is a born-comedian) and donuts (round rock donuts are the BEST). i did this shoot right before thanksgiving and i can honestly say, i was THANKFUL to take their photos! :)

22 November 2009

troxell family

the troxell family: smart, witty and flexible. last night i went out to their house in south austin and shot away. their little girl, anna was ADORABLE and so much fun to take photos of. i am so glad the rain held out for our shoot. :) what a fun evening!

20 November 2009

bryant family

this was my third shoot of the bryant family this year! being new parents, they wanted photos of them with their sweet little girl, mia, every 3-4 months. it has been really fun capturing little mia's growth and figuring out new ways to portray this delightful family. :)

15 November 2009

haley family

if you don't know the haley family, get to know them. NOW. they are amazing. i met them a while back because i worked with craig at rudy's bbq when i was a jr/sr in high school. my family got to know their family and became friends.

i had the most delightful shoot with them last night. the kids were so well behaved and the parents were totally chill. it was great. mrs. haley is really talented. she made the ADORABLE outfits that her daughters are wearing. i know, they totally look like they belong in a pricey boutique shop. :) on top of that she blessed me with a gift basket for taking photos of them. like i told you before, they are amazing. who does that? um...they do.

thanks for an awesome shoot guys! y'all are wonderful--